Issue #73

Efficient or Effective

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. — Peter Drucker
Efficient or Effective

Here’s a simple, but practical advice: Instead of focusing on a number of things, or rather instead of trying to do everything, focus on a small number of important things you want to get done.

Don’t aim to be efficient, aim to be effective. First, do the things that matter, the things that have the biggest impact. Once you get the important bits done, you can focus on getting it done more efficiently, more productively.

Peter Drucker: The Rules of Effectiveness

Effectiveness is about control over your time and your impact.

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When the 80/20 Rule Fails: The Downside of Being Effective

Efficiency is about getting more things done. Effectiveness is about getting the right things done.

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Haiku Productivity: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential

Limit yourself to an arbitrary but small number of things, forcing yourself to focus on the important stuff and eliminate all else.

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Until Next Week

Focus on fewer, but more important things.

Zoran Jambor
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