Issue #68

Don’t Dismiss Negative Feedback

We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve. — Bill Gates
Don't Dismiss Negative Feedback

Negative feedback, sometimes called constructive criticism, is much more important for our growth than any kind of praise. It enables us to learn from our mistakes and helps us correct our weaknesses.

Why then, are we so quick to dismiss it and ignore it, and why does it make us angry and frustrated?

Instead of fighting it, we should strive to embrace it while understanding that we are not criticized ourselves, only our work is, and that this will help us improve and become better in the future.

Stop Fearing Critical Feedback — Fear Not Getting It Instead

Negative feedback is a gift few people take advantage of. Learn how to seek out criticism and effectively use it to strengthen your skills and career.

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Why We Dismiss Negative Feedback

Claire Lew outlines three fallacies that get in the way of hearing what we need to hear. Here’s how by recognizing them, we can overcome them.

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Why It's Selfish to Avoid Giving Negative Feedback

By being bold and patient enough to give constructive negative feedback to others, we help them help themselves to get better.

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Until Next Week

Try to seek out criticism, understand it and learn from it. Not everyone does, which only makes it more valuable and important.

Zoran Jambor
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