Issue #4

Don’t Just Follow Your Passion

Don’t follow your passion; instead work passionately toward the hard but worthy goal of making an impact.
Don’t Just Follow Your Passion

A lot of life advice is built around slogans like “follow your passion.” We all love to hear it, and we all love to daydream that following our passion will free us from our nine-to-five and make us happy. But will it really? The answer is not as clear-cut as it seems.

The Many, Many Problems With "Follow Your Passion"

Don’t follow your passions. Instead, ask yourself: If you were to invest the time, how good would you become at this career, compared to other careers you might choose?

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On Passion

Instead of following your passion into a full-time gig, you might be better of if you follow your passion… on the weekends.

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What Do You Do When the Project You’re Working on No Longer Excites You?

The best way to get started is to just start, and the best way to finish is to just finish, regardless of your lack of passion or enthusiasm.

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Screw Finding Your Passion

If you have to look for what you enjoy in life, then you’re not going to enjoy anything. And the real truth is that you already enjoy something. You already enjoy many things. You’re just choosing to ignore them.

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Until Next Week

Pursue your passion, but don’t just blindly go all-in on it. Making a living just following your passion is a nice dream, but not always a realistic or a practical one.

Happy trails,
Zoran Jambor