Issue #38

Find Your Focus

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus. ― Alexander Graham Bell
Find Your Focus

We all like to think that we’re good at multitasking, but (as you already know) we’re not. Quite the opposite. Doing multiple things at once can have a significant overhead on our mental process, which in turn hurts our effectiveness, concentration, and overall output.

Try focusing on what you’re doing at this very moment. It’s hard, and it will take some practice before you’ll be able to give your undivided attention to something (or someone). If necessary, eliminate a bunch of things from your daily routine to get there. It will be more than worth it.

The Art of Finding Your Focus

Nothing great happens without real effort. This means everyone will go about the Art of Focus in their own way. It takes experimentation, dedication, and an understanding that no one can do it for you.

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Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Trick Your Brain Into Focusing

Our focus on getting more done through multitasking, skimming and moving on to the next thing as quickly as possible seems effective, but the key to truly developing the sharp focus necessary to get things done requires working at a deeper level.

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My Head Is so Full

Marc Thiele shares some insight on how to get the things that keep you busy out of your head to have a clear mind to focus.

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A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination & Finding Focus

Focus isn’t a magical quality that you can just acquire. It is a skill that takes daily practice, and you get better at it but never completely master it. You’ll slip up and get discouraged, but you can just practice some more. In the end, all the practice will be worth it, because you’ll learn to focus on things that truly matter.

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Until Next Week

Take any advice on finding focus (just like all other good advice) with a pinch of salt. Your best bet is to follow your own gut, try a couple of different techniques for finding focus, and stick with what’s working for you.

Zoran Jambor
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