Issue #34

Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. ― Mahatma Gandhi
Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect

To maximize your (creative) potential, you need practice. Not just any kind of practice, but deliberate practice. You need an honest assessment of your skills, your strenghts, and weaknesses. And you need to work on both of them.

It’s the best way to drastically improve at something in the long run.

Ten thousand hours rule might not apply to everyone, but I’m pretty certain that you’ll be a whole lot better at something once you’ve done it deliberately, on a daily basis, for a massive amount of time.

The Myth and Magic of Deliberate Practice

Regardless of where we choose to apply ourselves, deliberate practice can help us maximize our potential—no matter what cards we were dealt. That is the magic of deliberate practice. It turns potential into reality.

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Deliberate Practice: What It Is and Why You Need It

Expert-level performance is primarily the result of expert-level practice not due to innate talent.

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Practice Makes Possible: What We Learn By Studying Amazing Kids

In the age-old fight between hard work and talent, researcher Anders Ericsson says it’s no contest. Practice wins the day.

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What Is Talent – And Can Science Spot What We Will Be Best At?

The latest science suggests we are all capable of extraordinary performance in some domain of expertise; the key is finding the mode of expression that best allows your unique package of personal characteristics to shine.

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Practice might not be everything, but it will surely increase your chances of success dramatically.

Zoran Jambor
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