Issue #32

Beyond Showing Up

Showing up every day isn't enough. A lot of people who show up every day shouldn't have showed up at all. ― James Caan
Beyond Showing Up

Last two weeks we talked about the importance of starting and the importance of showing up. But just as starting isn’t enough, just showing up isn’t enough either.

If you show up, but the work that you do is irrelevant or meaningless, if it doesn’t improve your product, team, or your position, if it makes no difference for you or anyone else, then it would be better if you didn’t show up at all.

But if you delight your customers or coworkers, if you make a tiny breakthrough, if you improve yourself, your product, or your position, or if the world becomes a slightly better place because of your actions, then you’re doing the work that matters and we need your contribution now more than ever.

In short: Start. Show up every day. Do the work that matters.

Showing up Is Not Enough

If 90% of success in life is showing up, the other 10% depends on what you’re showing up for.

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Why Showing Up Is Not Enough

Show up. Put your heart in it. Do the work. Don’t give up.

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How to Overcome Distraction and Do Work that Matters to You

Showing up is not sufficient. Make an impact. Take every opportunity to show up. Leave a mark. Show your most amazing work.

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Beyond Showing Up

Showing up is overrated. Necessary but not nearly sufficient.

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Until Next Week

Showing up is important, but it’s what you do after you show up that really matters.

Zoran Jambor
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