Issue #3

Tips for Becoming More Creative

Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.
Tips for becoming more creative.

Creativity takes courage, as Matisse famously said. But creativity also takes practice. Creativity must be nurtured and cultivated.

Creativity is not a result of random ideas, creativity is a process. If you stick with it, your creative genius will blossom.

Creativity Conditioning: the Secrets to Consistent Creation

Give yourself space, practice, and daily intention to become more creative and watch your ideas come to life.

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Leaving Your Desk Behind

Creativity cannot rest on eureka moments; it is a process, designed to consistently bring abstract ideas into the tangible world.

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To Be More Creative, Cheer Up

Everybody has creative potential, and most of us have quite a bit of room for growth. That doesn’t mean anybody can be Picasso or Einstein, but it does mean we can all learn to be more creative.

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Debunking the Eureka Moment: Why Creativity Is a Process, Not an Event

Creativity is a process, not an event. You have to work through mental barriers and internal blocks. You have to commit to practicing your craft deliberately. And you have to stick with the process for years, perhaps even decades, in order to see your creative genius blossom.

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The Enemy of Creativity

And what do you think? What is the greatest enemy of creativity?

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Until Next Week

Do you think you’re creative enough? Or are you looking for ways to become more creative? Do you have any tips for becoming more creative? I’d love to hear your thoughts on creativity.

Keep practicing!
Zoran Jambor