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Forget Your New Year’s Resolutions

Think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the years'. ― Henry Moore
Forget Your New Year’s Resolutions

How many big resolutions have you made for the new year? How many of those do you think you can actually keep for more than a couple of weeks?

It is natural that we want to start every year with a bang, with big and lasting changes for the better in our lives. But New Year’s resolutions often times put too big goals in front of us. Goals that we’re can’t keep at all, or at least not in an ideal way.

And instead of working on them and slowly realizing them, we throw them away completely after one small slip, after a missed day, or after a moment of weakness.

We shouldn’t. Change takes time. Small steps, small tweaks to our daily routine are the best way to get there.

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

When it comes to getting things done and making progress in the areas that are important to you, there is a much better way to do things than setting goals.

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Don’t make New Year’s resolutions this year. Redesign your life instead.

Statistics show that only about 20 percent of resolutions are kept, so don’t make them. Design prototypes instead. Try stuff. Don’t say you’re going to lose weight this year; decide to prototype different gyms in your neighborhood. Try the boxing gym and the yoga studio. See which is better for you in terms of your health.

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Big Goals Can Backfire. Olympians Show Us What to Focus on Instead.

Goal setting can serve as an effective steering mechanism, a north star to shoot for. But after you set a goal, it’s best to shift your focus from the goal itself to the process that gives you the best chance of achieving it; and to judge yourself based on how well you execute that process.

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This Little Girl Has a Problem with New Year's Resolutions

One big resolution isn’t going to cut it. Change happens in small moments, and it doesn’t matter if you fail a couple of times; you have a plenty of little moments ahead of you.

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Have a happy, productive and successful 2017!
Make your every day count!

Zoran Jambor