Issue #2

Slow Down

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.
Slow Down

We are in a constant rush nowadays. We want to get more done, we want to waste less time, we want to be more efficient, we want to read more, we want to relax more, we want to exercise more, we want to be more productive – we want to be faster.

But what if we slowed down instead? Wouldn’t we be able to focus on what matters more to us? Wouldn’t we be more present? Wouldn’t we actually be happier?

The Importance of Slowing Down

Slowing down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything, it just means you should experience MORE of the things you do.

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The Insanely Slow Road to Building a Blog (and Why Most People Give Up)

The best way to build an audience is slowly and honestly.

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The Ultimate Guide to Learning Anything Faster

Want to master business skills, a new language, a musical instrument? Sean Kim shares principles that will help you to hack the learning curve.

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You Don’t Need More Time

Time is almost always an issue of quality, not quantity. So decide on what matters, and then get it done.

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Worried About What You’re Not Doing

Stop filling guilty that you’re not doing more. Be in the moment. Practice being satisfied with it.

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Until Next Week

It seems like everyone is trying to move as fast as possible. Try slowing down instead. It will do you good.

Happy trails,
Zoran Jambor