Issue #153

You’re On the Right Path

“If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.” — Barack Obama
An art piece with stairs that lead to a Buddhist temple with a few people, some being closer to the top than others.
Keep in mind that different people might be at different stages of their journeys even though they have the same goals. Just like in this stunning zen piece by Prashant Pal.

There are numerous paths that lead to your goals. It doesn’t matter which one you take; it only matters that you stick with it for as long as necessary until you reach your destination.

Don’t worry what others might think, especially those who aren’t on the same path. Their opinion is irrelevant, regardless if they’re your spouse, parents, or friends; ignore them unless they’re encouraging.

And if someone has the same goals as you do, but you notice they’re on a different path, let them pursue those goals any way they want, and don’t be discouraged if they seem closer than you are. There is no right or wrong way. Stick with yours, and with time and effort, you’ll get there.

Just don’t waste time running in circles or trying to convince others that they should take a different path or pursue different goals.

Zoran Jambor
Inspiration Bits

PS. This was heavily inspired by a Hindu proverb—thank you, Luka Peharda, for sharing it with me. And if you, my friend, have something to share, I’m all ears. Find me on Twitter, and speak your mind.

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