Issue #15

Master Your Fear of Failure

Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure. ― Jack Lemmon
Master Your Fear of Failure

The negative information has a much bigger impact on us than positive information. We’re governed by fear, not by hope.

This may have been useful in humanity’s early days when fear of the lion was rightfully a bigger motivator than the appeal of an apple (as James Altucher explains it), but today, when most of us don’t have to worry about surviving, it does us much more bad than good. It paralyzes us and steers us away from our dreams and hopes.

Here’s some advice that will help you overcome your fears, and live a more happy and fulfilled life.

Take the Plunge: How to Master Your Fear of Failure

Fear holds us back. It destroys dreams. It kills productivity and, in all honesty, sucks the fun out of life.

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The Failure Formula: Finding Your Way Out Of Self-Sabotage

We can be our own worst enemies. But why is that little part of you hell bent on messing things up?

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Don’t Embrace Failure (Embrace Discomfort Instead)

Being comfortable with discomfort can be learned, refined and perfected, and it’s a skill that, once you get good at it, opens more doors than you can imagine, whether you want to start a business or grow the one that you already have.

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On Feeling like a Failure

Feeling like a failure has little correlation with actually failing.

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Face Fear

What we fear doing most, is usually what we need to do the most.

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Until Next Week

Don’t let the fear of failure to stop you from doing what you really care about.

Happy trails,
Zoran Jambor