Issue #13

Perfection Kills Creativity

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.
Perfection Kills Creativity

Perfection is a standard which can never be attained. It may seem like a noble goal, but in reality, it’s an impossible dream that not only paralyzes us when we’re at the finish line but also discourages us from starting.

The Alarming New Research on Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be devastatingly destructive, leading to crippling anxiety or depression, and it may even be an overlooked risk factor for suicide.

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Perfection is Poison

Perfection is a myth. Nothing is ever truly perfected. Everything can be improved and done better.

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When Exactly Do I Say, “Feck Perfuction"?

James Victore on when do you need perfection and when should you ignore it.

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Perfectionism Is Just Fear in a Fancy Suit

Perfection kills dreams and inhibits good art from being born.

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Polishing Perfect

Stop polishing and ship instead. Polished perfect isn’t better than perfect, it’s merely shinier. And late.

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Until Next Week

Don’t go after perfection, you’ll never reach it. Ship your art when it’s good enough, but not a moment later. And remember, perfection is the enemy, not the goal.

Happy trails,
Zoran Jambor