Issue #127

Be Curious About Your Habits

"Be curious, not judgmental." — Walt Whitman
A woman looking up, thinking.

We all have bad habits we’d like to avoid or ideally completely lose. And most of us, at some point, tried to fight them. We mustered all of our willpower to stop ourselves from indulging in behavior we know is bad for us… and we failed.

Fighting bad habits rarely works.

What seems to be working instead, is simply becoming aware of our emotional and physical state when bad behaviors occur. This can actually shift our perspective and completely redefine our habits.

Simply put, to break a bad habit, don’t try to fight it, just become very curious about it. Explore your feelings that occur when you’re indulging in the bad habit, and you’re likely to completely change your point of view and become aware of it on a much deeper, intellectual level, which will help you get rid of it entirely.

Zoran Jambor
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A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit

Be curiously aware of what’s happening in your body and mind at the moment. Notice the urge, get curious, feel the joy of letting go, and repeat.

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Don’t take yourself or your intention to break bad habits too seriously.

Life should be fun and enjoyable. Laugh, try different things, fail, and watch or read something silly every once in a while.

And that’s exactly what I tried to demonstrate in my latest blog post: 30 Silly Ways to Lift Your Spirits When the Times Are Tough. I hope you read it.