Issue #103

Happiness vs Fulfillment

When we help ourselves we find moments of happiness. When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment. — Simon Sinek
A person holding a book Happy by Alex Lemon, with a couple in the background holding hands like they're about to kiss.

When talking and thinking about life goals, most of the people seem to boil it down to happiness. It’s understandable. We all want to be happy. The problem with happiness, though, is that it never lasts.

Life will take a twist or a turn, and your blissful state of happiness will disappear overnight. Then what? You can seek it out again, and enjoy it while it lasts, or you can change your narrative and instead focus on your relationships, your family, the work that matters to you.

And then, even when you have a bad or unhappy day, you can still be fulfilled and satisfied with yourself, your life, and your purpose here.

When you’re present, content, and in tune with yourself and your feelings you won’t mind doing things you don’t enjoy as long as they’re a part of a bigger picture, when they’re helping you fulfill your purpose.

Happiness vs Fulfilment

Happiness comes and goes. Fulfillment lasts. Fulfillment comes from relationships, belonging, and purpose.

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It’s ok to experience the whole range of emotions, and it’s ok to have bad or unhappy days. Happiness won’t last, so find a purpose, pursue it, and as a result you’ll be much more calm, satisfied, present, and content.

Zoran Jambor
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