Issue #101

Take Notes

He listens well who takes notes. — Dante Alighieri
A brown fountain pen on a notebook with a handwritten, underlined title "Notes".

We are exposed to a whole lot of information daily, constantly, whether it’s through reading on the internet, watching videos (not talking about news and media here), taking various courses, or better yet, through books.

But how much of this information do we retain? And even more importantly, how much of it do we actually apply to our lives?

There are systems that can help you with this. As always, various things work for various people. I use a set of notes grouped by a topic in an app. I suggest you find a system that works for you, be it online or offline.

Every now and then go through your notes and pick some important things and try to apply them to your life.

With time, you might even develop an extensive library of knowledge that you can use for inspiration or as an idea generator.

How to Remember What You Read

Tim Ferriss’s process and strategies for reading books and note-taking.

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Until Next Week

Read a lot, learn a lot, and most importantly, apply what you have learned.

Zoran Jambor
Inspiration Bits